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Search and enjoy: 7 search toolbars reviewed

Check out this review by CNet:

If you’re still going to the Google or Yahoo home page to do Web searches, you’re missing half the fun–and you’re unnecessarily exerting your fingers. Toolbar plug-ins for Microsoft Internet Explorer–and now Firefox–make it easy and fast to look up Web references without having to type in another URL.

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Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

MBSA is a free tool that Microsoft provides to scan your system for updates and other security vulnerabilities. It provides links to the updates necessary, along with other instructions to secure your system. I’ve had several problems after implementing these instructions. I followed the instructions accurately, and the steps worked. The problem is that the instructions don’t warn you about possible things that could “break” by following the instructions. I had 2 different web sites break because parent paths were disabled (as suggested by MBSA). I’ve previously had problems after running the IIS Lockdown tool (as suggested by MBSA).

The point is, be sure you remember what changes you make, as you may have to go back and undo them.

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Web Ranking Tool

The first number we fetch is Alexa’s traffic rank for a domain on the web. This is based on a sampling of actual traffic to that domain, and it comes from the “phone home” feature on Alexa’s toolbar…
The second number reported by this web ranking tool is a count of total external backlinks from Yahoo. An external backlink is a link to a specific page from outside of that page’s own domain. Yahoo has much better reporting for backlinks than Google…

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The Oxymoron List

“The largest list of oxymorons ever collected online.”
And the #1 oxymoron? Microsoft Works


Strange Outlook Express errors (identity login could not be started)

I’ve been helping a neighbour with his computer, and it seems like every time I fix something, something else goes wrong. On Saturday night was was doing some updates and everything seemed to be running better, then he tried to install some software, and now Outlook Express is giving all sorts of errors. I’m hoping the following articles will help:

The identity login could not be started. Some components are either missing or incorrectly configured.

Outlook Express could not be started. It may not be installed correctly. Make sure that your disk is not full or that you are not out of memory. Contact Microsoft support for further assistance (0x80040154)

Error starting program. The COMCTL32.DLL file cannot start. Check the file to determine the problem