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Search and enjoy: 7 search toolbars reviewed

Check out this review by CNet:

If you’re still going to the Google or Yahoo home page to do Web searches, you’re missing half the fun–and you’re unnecessarily exerting your fingers. Toolbar plug-ins for Microsoft Internet Explorer–and now Firefox–make it easy and fast to look up Web references without having to type in another URL.

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MicroSolutions RoadStor

MicroSolutions RoadStor is a multi-function device that acts as a portable CD Writer to allow you to back up your digital media cards while away from your computer. It also gives the user the ability to view a slideshow of their images on a television screen, view DVD movies, and listen to CD’s or MP3’s. While connected to your computer, the device is a USB 2.0 external CD-Writer/DVD Player.

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Icon Catcher 4 review

I just finished a review for Icon Catcher 4. Check it out at

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Moreover RSS feeds

A few weeks ago Chris finished a review for NewsGator (an RSS aggregator). Well, I just learned about the Moreover RSS feeds, and I highly recommend you check them out. has all sorts of RSS feeds (340 at the time of posting) in many categories (15 at the time of posting). I’m particularly fond of the Cool Sites feed.