Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood

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I am a big fan of David Robinson. He was probably the first basketball player that I idolized. Of course many players have come around since then, but I just always appreciated his skills, and his demeanor.

I really enjoyed the Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood commercials from the early 90’s. I remember having a shirt when I was a teenager that had the logo on it.

Anyway, for a trip down memory lane, check out the site which has links to a bunch of the commercials.

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Useful links from Jake Ludington’s Digital Lifestyle newsletter

From the 20040504 issue of Jake Ludington’s Digital Lifestyle newsletter:

The Baseball Archive
The boys of summer are launched into what might be the most interesting season in years. Roger Clemens and the Astros are going to give the Cubs a run for their post-season money, with the Rocket already becoming the oldest player in history to win 5 games in April. Barry Bonds is hitting home runs at a pace that requires more talent than an injection regimen could possibly provide. If you happen to have a premium subscription to MSN, you can catch all the action at home, work, or the local Starbucks. This site deals with baseball games past, specifically hitting and pitching stats from 1871 thru the end of last season. Download the entire database, to help make trade decisions in your Rotisserie league or fuel arguments over who the best all-around third baseman was. There’s also a selection of entertaining opinion pieces on topical subjects relating to America’s Pastime.

Chank’s Free Fonts
Modern font design can’t be discussed without mention of Chank Diesel. I first discovered Chank fonts via a link from Jeffery Zeldman, probably not long after Chank came online in 1996. Beginning with 1999, Chank hosts an growing collection of annual recognized free fonts. The latest offering, stemming from a teaching gig at the 2004 AIGA Design Camp include three unusually floral fonts derived from three Chank staples. Browse the collection of fonts new and old to add creative typography to your desktop toolset. Commercial use does require the appropriate license for the fonts.